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This is the webpage for Waabishka Niimki (White Thunder). I am non-tribal affiliated mixed heritiage person, who follows Native American traditional ways, while trying to work and live in a modern world. I am not unique in that regard. This page is simply my public persona and a good way for me to "put myself out there" for contact, projects, blogs, etc. If you wish to have contact directly, you can use the email link provided at the bottom of the page or find me on Facebook. There are links to such things to your right. Occasinally I will post a picture or two. You may read some poetry or insightful posts on Niimki's Blog, some of my darker postings on Window Pain's blog. Currently we (my wonderful live partner Zaasgamish Ikwe (Weeping Willow Woman) and I) are working on several projects, including (R)evolutionary Process, a group and page dedicated to progressive process and discussion and The Society for World Peace, a group and page working toward to establish commitment to an actual peace movement.

.: New photos

Our Little Sacred Circle

This is our little medicine wheel circle. We grow sage and sweetgrass in it. The tree in the center is a Yellow Birch gathered from Sugar Island as a very small sapling and transplanted here. This is where you will find us most nice days, sitting out here by a nice fire. Nellie is our very old girl, and this is her favorite spot on Earth also. Come join us. The coffee is always on.

Lake Superior

A great part of living where we do is that we get to visit Lake Superior anytime we want. There is plenty of nature to experieince, long beaches to explore and sacred spots to visit. We love to take guests out here to give them a great taste of the spirit and power of this part of the world. This picture is at the mouth of the St. Mary's River facing East towards a point known as Mission Hill very close to the Bay Mills Indian Reservation. Our fall colors were just starting to give their amazing annual show.

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